Islamic Sahaba Tour Istanbul

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Islamic Sahaba Tour Istanbul

checkTOUR PRICE FROM USD 240 (Per Tour not Per Person)


Tour Type: Private Full Day Tour
Duration: 7 Hours
Starts From: Your hotel or Union Station (or other convenient location).
Ends: Your hotel or Union Station (or other convenient location).
Tour Highlights: Shaba-i Kiram in Istanbul

Sahaba is given a name to Muslims who met the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his lifetime. After Prophet Muhammad passed away they start to travel around the world and help Islam spread around the world.
They were like stars whom take their light from Prophet Muhammad and carried on to lit another part of the world. Whenever they met darkness surrounded by walls where light must shine people's path, walls or obstacles never stop them. Rather than having an easy and enjoyable life they choose to carry the lights where thousands of innocent needed; love, justice, mercy, loyalty.

Here is the reason where sahaba so much keen to pass the city walls of Constantinople; 
'' Kostantiniyye (Istanbul) will surely be conquered. What a beautiful commander who conquered Constantinople; the army how beautiful that conquered Constantinople .'' Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) The first siege was 668 by the time Hz.Maviye. There were two armies one from Hicaz the other one from Damascus. Hicaz army commander was Süfyan bin Avf el-Ezdî. Damascus army commander was Fadâle bin Ubeyd el-Ensârî. There were only 63 Sahabe in that two armies. The weather condition was so bad for the Muslim armies. Most of them got sick. Hz. Muaviye sent another troop to help in 669 with his son Yezid. Winter was so bad. Muslim army needed to return to Syria. At the first siege of Constantinople ended. Two well-known sahaba have been killed, Ebû Eyyub el-Ensârî and Ebû Şeybe el-Hudrî. 

The second siege was 673. It took 5 years. Muslim came with navy as well. Greek fire was so strong and Muslim couldn't conquer that time too. Army returned by ship. Unfortunately, ship whom carry the army sunk in the Mediterranean.

The third siege was 715. It wasn't successful eighter.

Today we have 29 tombs for Sahaba. You have to know that some of them are not real ones. They are called MAKAM. Makam means they are not buried but love to be remembered.  Allah knows the best.

In our tour, we like to make Islamic sights and sahaba tombs together. Our aim is to make history of islam understood by us and our children better.